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Friday Night At Narrabeen


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Headed down to the Pines just before sundown, ended up staying until 2.30am. Lots of tailor around (40cm or so) and my mate landed two good bream, one was around 40cm as well so not bad going. Hooked himself on a big jew bait. Looking forward to firing up the barbie tonight.

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Well done on the tailor mate.

I'm planning a sesh down the beach one evening this week with my son.

What bait were you using? Pillies? All I've got at the beach recently has been crabs!



squid, pillies, slimy mackerel fillets all seemed to work pretty well

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which beach was this that produce crabs? blue swimmers? i would love to catch some of them :)

Hi Gianniz , You dont usually catch Blue Swimmers from the beach ,I have been beach fishing since i was a little tacker and i would have only got one or two .The best way is to use witches hats (crab traps) baited with fish or some sort of offal in fairly shallow water in estuaries where there is a fair bit of sand . A friend of mine from work Brad got a nice feed the other day in front of the Captain Cook bridge in the shallows on the left hand side looking out towards the heads ,late spring into the summer months sees these sweet tasting crustaceans come out to play .Most of the crabs off the beach are the smaller sand crabs which steal your bait :ranting2: and are a nuisance when you have the larger slab baits out for a jew or two .

Cheers Swordfisherman

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