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First Report and Nelson Bay Breambos


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Hi all, went out early this morning to fish the early high tide, got out on the break wall around 6:50.

It was pretty windy so we decided to fish on the inside face, flicked a 2.5inch Zman slim swim around and snagged a low 30s bream. Switched to a Squidgies Prawn and copped a 39cm bream, a new pb on the plastic. Dad was fishing with prawns and scored a couple as well. 

Overall not a bad for blowing 20knots on a Saturday morning E50615EB-DC77-488A-9A0F-1D7A4A251793.thumb.jpeg.5910fcaab53e75d343bc1a2d70f84799.jpeg

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7 minutes ago, kingie chaser said:

Welcome aboard.

Nice work on those bream, the bream inside the BW are very skiddish & very selective most of the time & can usually only be caught on unweighted prawn.

Is that how your father was fishing?

Yeah we were using 1/12oz jig heads on 8lb leaders with prawns and plastics, I think the wind made the bream a bit less finicky today 

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1 hour ago, Rebel said:

Welcome to Fishraider,

Great report and photos.


1 hour ago, zmk1962 said:

Tasty catch there and top first report. Keep them both coming !

Cheers Zoran


1 hour ago, Yowie said:

Nice feed of bream for a windy day.

Cheers for the warm welcome guys 

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