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Squid Fishing Setup


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I dont think so but I am not that experienced either, snap swivel I would again so no but would use a clip.


For my basic set up I just went with a cheap Rovex EGI Squid Specialist Spin Rod & a Shimano sienna 2500 reel, 8lb braid & leader.


I'd rather spend more on the jigs which I bought a spread from 2.5 to 3.5 in variuos colourss, thats what catches the squid imo.

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1 hour ago, hzfish said:

Hey guys im fairly new to squidding and curious on what are some beginner or basic rigs i could do, i was told sinker, snap swivel n jig. If theres any other suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers

Have a read of this great article-

Cheers Zoran 

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I can’t pin the articles. There are too many and members complained about having to scroll through to get to current posts. 

There is a new area to be deployed that stores just Articles. I have been waiting till it was prepared for use. I will have a go at this myself when I get some time. 

For the moment you need to do a search using “ARTICLE - “ 

All will appear then like in this graphic below where I found over 30


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