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Jervis Bay trip


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Hey fellas!

I'm heading down to Jervis Bay next weekend with my boat for the first time, never been down there for fishing, will probably launch my 5mtr fiberglass at Calalla boat ramp and try to find the Middle Grounds for bait?!? 

Wanna try to get some livies first and then try to chase something bigger.

Not sure how the winter fishing is doing in JB, any insights? Only knowledge I have so far is the middle grounds for bait and that the boat ramps over there can be tricky on low tides!

Any info would help!


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You did ask the same questions yesterday in the exsisting thread & while starting a new thread isnt a bad thing the reason I linked other threads to your question was to give you some info & also so you could see who responded.

You can send other members a PM as that can get you an answer quicker where sometime you may not get one at all.


@Green Hornet


Good luck.

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I don't know too much about Callala ramp as I'm down the south side of the bay, but keep in mind Myola ramp is just around the corner as well if Callala's isn't suitable.

This pic of Callala ramp I took at low tide during a real estate shoot may be of some help.

Callala Bay - Wharf and Boat Ramp.jpg

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1 minute ago, kingie chaser said:

Do you know if that ramp at Murray's beach has reopened GH?

Yeah, it opened a few weeks back.

Most of Booderee National Park has reopened, bar the area accessed via Stoney Creek Road.

Camping is still off limits too.

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