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Rats at Longie


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Gday Raiders, 

Just a quick report from a midweek session yesterday. Headed at with fellow raider @Reel'em who was keen for a session. Very civilised start after the kid drop off, launching at 8am. Picked up some livies in the harbour and then headed out to Longie. Picked a good looking spot and burleyed hard. Within about 20 minutes we had our first rat, expertly played by MD and then set free due to some less than acceptable netting by yours truly. Over the next 45 minutes we basically lost all of our live baits to ravenous rats. Everything that went down got smashed. Unfortunately they were all 55 to 60 cm so nothing for the table. Once the livies were all gone we headed to a few others spots for some pannies and a couple of flatties (though the usual spot was miserly for some reason!). 

All up a good day. Boat ramp was empty in and out which always makes the day stress free! 



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It was an amazing experience. Thanks @dlvbw for taking me out. I really had absolutely cracking time. It was a mix bag of fishing - 9/10 rat kingies, few pinkies, rock cod, baby flatties ; even though no keeper is still thousand times better than sitting home n watching Netflix. 

D , you are a legend mate, I truly appreciate people like you who have boat , taking out people like me. Many thanks to Fishraider to provide such platform to share n care all anglers.

Looking forward to catch that big croc mr.crocodile Dundee @dlvbw .



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