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Bag out + a bonus


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Went for a 3 hr gap at my usual gentlemans hr. I dont fish early as I cant get up lol. Started at 11.30 till 2.30

Landed 9 travelly and 1 bream. 

Biggest trav would have been around 45cm.

No body else were catching anything. A group caught a kingie they started at 4am till 2.30!! 

One couple caught a massive blue swimmer. But no fish. They came and checked up on me and said I caught a lot lol. I said how about I give you 5 fish for your crab. Since I hardly eat fish. 5 for 1! Why not! They didnt hesitate to think twice.  At one time I trade 10 fish just for a single squid 🤣

I gave another 4 to a older bloke who didnt catch any.... So yeah happy days. Went home with 1 crab and 1 fish! The fish ended up with our chef🤣





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