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PB Flattie Off Palmy


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Hey Raiders,

Took my youngest out for a bottom bash off Palm Beach yesterday in great Spring conditions. The condition of the ramp was not so great. PACKED. Both on the way out and in. I also had to park miles away which is not ideal when leaving your six year old on the boat (beached). Thankfully a nice family kept an eye on him and the boat whilst I did this. 

We were fishing in around 28m of water and were using a combination of drifting and anchoring using the minn kota. We were using paternosters with a mix of bait and plastics and using a octo-style jig as the sinker. The fish were coming in at a good rate but it was a mix of undersized flatties, red eyes, shovel nosed rays, sharks and stingrays. Funny how every time you get a ray or similar you think it is the world's biggest flathead........anyhow, finally we did catch a good one. 65cm and fat, caught on the octo-jig. A PB for the boat and me personally. Very chuffed. Plenty of fish around, we had a triple at one point with 3 flatties hanging off a plastic, a bait and the octo-jig - all throwbacks! 

I guess the lesson is that you are only ever one fish away from a great day on the water! Only took one fish home but it will feed the family. Happy days. 


PS - the fish was ickied and on ice before the picture was taken, hence not lifting the live fish with the grips unsupported (and hence the bend) 

PB Flatty - 30Aug2020.jpg

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Nice work, and well done to the young fella! 🤙

I think I was fishing near you guys for not even 1 drift because a mate I took out for the first time got seasick (We had fished all morning in worse conditions out wider with no problems!? LOL) 🙄🤬

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