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Pb Flatty (for Me)


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Hit the harbour Sun evening for the high tide hoping for some kingies, as apparently they are in plague proportions :1prop:

Wanted to be back before dark so only had a couple of hours to play with, so spent a few minutes looking for livies, but was obviously in the wrong place (again!) as they didn't want to play.... Anyway, straight to the western wedding cake with the whole place to ourselves, dropped the pick and sent out some berley. Floated some fresh squid down but only some pickers around.

Thought we would throw some SP's when my mates bait outfit starts to bend a little. No excitement , so presumed it was a flatty. Short time later he landed a beautiful 55cm model. Hook was swallowed deep and making a mess of its gills, so stuck him in the esky and a booked him in for a future dinner appointment.

Nothing much for the next 10 mins or so (I must be the only one on this site not to catch a kingy this year), until the squidgy fish I was jigging gets a nice hit but no take up. Lowered the rod again and on the next lift, it stopped dead. No runs, so knew it was another flatty, but when it surfaced I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the beast - close to 65cm - a PB for me! :thumbup:

Got plenty in the 40's and a few models in the 50's, but none as big as this one. Nice and thick around the shoulders too - tipped 1.8kg on the scales.

So, no kings, but the flatties made it worthwhile.



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