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Beach fishing no structure?


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Hey guys - what to do when the beach is showing no obvious signs of structure, what's the best bet then when heading to another beach isn't possible? Breaking waves about 20m out, whitewash to the beach, probably shallow sandbank in front - still worth tossing some bait out or what?

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Depending on what species you're chasing, there's two things you can do.

If bait fishing and there is a bit of cross current running along the beach caused by the waves, try and concentrate your fishing area to the end of the beach where the current hits the headland and runs out to sea. You can also try a light sinker and let the current move your bait along the beach while you walk with it. Great for whiting, bream and flathead.

If chasing salmon and tailor, tie a lure on and stay mobile. If you have dunes or a hill at the back of the beach, climb up and look for dark patches in the water. These are often schools of fish.

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Funny, I was thinking about how to play this situation when I was on the beach on Sunday morning. Thankfully I found a decent gutter after walking about 3km, randomly fishing the white water here and there along the way. Eventually found a patch of fish, so Green Hornet's advice is spot on; mobility is key! The added exercise I got was a worthwhile bonus.

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Gutters are what beach fishing is all about not structure!

If you want to fish structure then by definition that's means there is an object or body to attract fish which is a rare thing on a beach. 


Smaller fish move into beach areas because they are chasing small prey like shrimp, molluscs or worms etc, when the smaller fish move in the larger ones follow.

Beach fishing & structure fishing is 2 different things.


What you can find off the beach can be as small at bream, whiting, dart, taylor, salmon right up the large taylor, Jewish, sharks etc.


It's best to think & research about your preferred target as that will determine how & where you fish.

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