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Trailer brake pads


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So decided time to do annual wheel  bearing change trailer is 3 years  old so wasn't expecting any hassle.turns out it was fitted with standard pads not marine I don't no if this is a regular thing but not ideal.1 pad had completely lost the actual pad part they all looked like they he'd been under water for ages trailer all ways washed down have swapped for marine ones hopefully better I'll try to take a picture cheers


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I don't know if you have cable or hydraulic brakes but by the look of your pads they weren't doing much stopping. If you want the brakes to work change the rotors to stainless steel, S/S calipers and S/S backing plates on the pads. Not cheap but way cheaper in the long run.

The rotors don't rust so they don't rip your pads off. I first used S/S brakes around early to mid 90's , never looked back, every trailer I get I install all S/S .

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