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Sunday 11th Dec - Brisbane Waters Bridge


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Slept 10:30pm Saturday night to wake up at 1:30am Sunday morning.

Driving up to Woy Woy from Liverpool at that time of the morning was heaven, only stopped at one traffic light.

Crossed over the Brisbane Waters Bridge and parked along side the jetti, right next to the fisheries office of some sort.

Bait that was used on the day was: Squid, Prawns and Whitebait.

In goes the line with some squid tubes at the end of the hook. 1 minute later as I was jigging up the other rod,.. YANK! the rod tip bends and jolts and it was on, reeled it in with a decent amount of fight and here is the first result.


Managed to catch another 2 ray and unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the port jackson shark before releasing.

Managed to get quiet a few breams and snappers onto the jetti, unfrotunately they were all undersized and were released. In between catching breams, sharks and rays we got tired of reeling in starfish that rudely eating our bait.


Went home empty handed, however it was a fun morning from 3:30 to 9:30am.

Sorry could a mod move out of the Lure Fishing section.

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