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Quickie Botany Plastics Session


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Managed to get home from work a bit earlier today and the wind didn't look too bad. Boat was sitting in the garage ready to go so hit the Bay around 4pm with the aim of a couple of hours throwing some plastics around

Headed for a little sand patch that has been working well for us the last couple of weeks on the rising tide. Thought I'd try the falling tide and second cast saw the first flattie landed. Then nothing for the next hour and things looked a little grim. Saw some decent sized bait schools swim past and switched up from a 3" to 4" plastic. That seemed to do the trick and hits started to come.

Nothing too exciting but ended up with 4 keepers for dinner around 40-44cm and a couple of self releases and back home by 6.15pm - will let the pics do the rest of the talking ...
















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