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Teralba Lakesiders Fishing Club Junior Tournament


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I received this email yesterday from Teralba Lakesiders Fishing Club in Newcastle NSW.

A good opportunity for junior anglers. 
Hi, Hoping you can help by sharing some information about our Junior Teams Fishing Tournament to be held over the 7th and 8th November this year. It is totally FREE entry, catch and release format and has a local and online division so juniors everywhere can join in, fish wherever they like and win some great prizes. All for free.

Local juniors also receive a bonus $10 Catch voucher plus their brag mat and goodies as well as a prize bag at the individual team presentation on Sunday afternoon. All local teams will receive a set time to come on over and pick up their prize bags, be photographed and collect a snack pack.

Officially entries close this afternoon however if you know of any interested juniors and families they just need to contact Ian on his email and request the forms to count.

contact Ian on ian.guy@westnet.com.au   Or they can use the Tournament email for which I am totally to blame and very sorry


or they can PM Iggy Guy on FB and send an email address.

We’ll do the rest. This is all about getting as many kids out there having a go at fishing as possible and then sharing out the great prizes we have to encourage them to want to come back and have another go. Catch a fish or not ALL kids will get a prize, but the longest flathead will receive a Tailfin WaterRail and we have local mystery fish prizes as well as loads of others. We would love to see a team from your club join in.

Hoping you can help us share out these prizes.


Leanda Guy

Junior Coordinator 

Teralba Lakesiders Fishing Club.



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