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Kingie report - outside Sydney Harbour today


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As promised, a report from today with Steve (FishyMcfishFace) and Lloyd chasing kings. A stop to fill the bait tank up with jellybean Yakkas and then the artificial for slimies. No squid todayūüėě but we had pilchards, Yakkas and slimies so most options covered. We¬†headed out wide, deciding not to stick in the harbour even though wind was predicted to spring up around 10.30.
The right decision was made as we cleaned up big time, boating 16 kings and getting smoked by a dozen others. 
A hint for newcomers wanting to target kings - don’t be afraid to burley hard.
We were using 80lb Fluor leader and still getting smashed by some big units, interestingly quite a few were coaxed in on 30lb and some really nice Trevally also.

Steve broke in a new rod and landed some really good kings, whilst I just ‚Äú broke a rod‚ÄĚ - snapped off at the winch / reel seat because I put in an upright rod holder to net one of the other lads fish, I did however land the fish, which was some consolation. We kept only one fish each - the rest released.

 A good day with good mates in Gods great outdoors.



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Awesome session & photos there Bob good on you guys for only keeping one a piece & releasing the rest (fresh is best) & besides with the run you’ve been having on them you can always go out there & get another fresh one. Steve must be really enjoying the experience & knowledge he is gaining from you, I might have to take you up on that offer one day 


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