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Casting Live baits


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Hey fishos

I'm kinda a beginner to fishing, i fish land based and just have some questions regarding casting live baits (live yakkas, squid etc). Would your live bait die if you cast it out far when it smashes onto the water too hard? And in which situations would it be better to use unweighted vs sinker? 


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As said above they won't die when they hit the water as you have to cast a live bait fairly gently so you don't pull the hook. Cast with a wide, slow sweeping action rather than a regular cast and because the baits are relatively heavy, they'll still load up the rod.

Off the rocks fish your bait under a bobby cork and if you can find a wash, where the water is running out from the rocks, you can use that to take your bait out. 

You'd only use a sinker if fishing over sand and personally, I still prefer a float or if the bait is large like say a legal tailor, no sinker or float at all, just a rig similar to what you'd use offshore.

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