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Couple of trips over the weekend....nice flatty saved the day today!


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Hit the Hacking in the new rig about 8am on Saturday with my son to fish nippers for whiting. Got a nice bream early on but the whiting didn't show (have to get used to my new grounds). Collected some poddies and tried drifting a few likely areas and was dusted by a good flatty at Maianbar, on a nipper!. Had a troll with the electric on the way back to the ramp and was hit by a good king that took plenty of line. I knew I was in trouble as I had a 10lb leader that I had used for squid and we turned the boat around to chase it but it played dirty and dusted me in some reef, leader came up shredded!!. Wish I had a 20lb leader on so I could have played a bit harder!

The forecast on Sunday was for a calm day so I got myself revved up and caught some poddies in the morning, ready for an arvo bash, first solo voyage in the new tinny. Hit the Georges about 1:30pm to fish the run out and headed straight up to Oyster Bay to drift a couple of my deep water spots. The wind was blowing 15-20 knots and my electric motor was battling to hold ground. No joy so moved out to the drift between the bridges for zilch and tried a couple of other deep water drifts at the mouth of the river for nada. I was just about to give the front of Brighton a go but decided to try to get out of the wind around Towra Point. First drift I came up tight on a nice flatty, boated and measured at 77cm...nice way to christen the new rig. Just after release I hooked two more in quick succession, coming in at 47cm and 53cm for the table. The half hour at 5:30pm saved the day! Headed back to the ramp about 7 and managed to drive the boat onto my trailer with the help of a young boatie who gave me some great tips. 

A pretty good end to a tough arvo out, made up for getting smoked by a good king on Saturday! Kayak fishing was so much simpler but at least I can now zoom from spot to spot! Looking forward to the next trip:)

35cm bream December 5 2020.JPG

77 cm flatty December 6 2020.jpg

Flatty December 6 2020 (2).jpg

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