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Brett, Chris, Ben and myself launched from the ramp at 5am and headed to the bait grounds to stock up.

The yakkas were few and far between and after 30mins with three in the tank we called it quits and decided to start trolling. with the sun creeping over the horizon and a big swell it was a pretty but bumpy ride along the coast we set a spread of prooven skirts and i put out a green clouser that i know works really well.

Chris was the first to hook up and after a spirited fight Brett netted a...........................wait for it...............

an undersize kingy First Blood. We set up the spread again and i changed to a sunami paddle tail plastic(thanks for the tip Brian) we located a school and trolled around it Chris was the first to hook up and then so did Ben Yehaa a double then i hooked up and then brett hooked upYEEEEHAAAA QUADRIPPLE HOOKUP :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: after some fancy legwork and some fancy rod work we somehow managed to land all 4 kingys. All undersize dam.

We set the spread again and ben hooked up and we waited for the other 3 rods to start screaming but that didnt happed. Ben was getting stuck into his fish and i picked up my heavy spin stick and cast out a surface lure i have been dieing to try . I cast it towards the school and after a couple of cranks of the reel it got monstered ow yeah both fish pulled in and both undersize again back they go to grow. We drifted for a while and i got another on a sunami in deep water and the guys put down a yakka and some squid. I cast out my plastic and put the rod in the holder as it was time for a :beersmile: and a smoko, the boys wernt impressed when i picked up my rod only to find im conected to a fish hehe after a quick fight i pulled in the biggest Sargent backer i have ever seen unfortunately we didnt have a camera.

Now here is were the story turns bad i hooked anther kingy and had him at the boat he took off really quick and my rod broke just above the grips NOOOOOOO the kingy won its freedom and i was devistated i took out my frustration on what was left of the rod and broke it some more, and i thought churhes were quiet :074: after a few beers to comiserate we decided to troll back to the bay and i think we picked up another one on the way. We anchored up at molonex point and put out the livies but the king fish wernt coperating still we had a great day and lots of fun in the sun.

Tally 9 Knigfish and one Sargent backer

Thanks for another great day out Brett and cheers for the lift Chris

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Yeah it was a good day considering the conditions outside.

Pitty all fish were undersized and released and another pitty was your favorite rod breaking on that fish Sharky.

Oh well with Xmas and New Year coming up over the next couple of weeks, lets hope the fish have grown up a bit the next time we chase them.

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