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Bate Bay


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Headed out with my fishing mate on Sunday around mid-arvo. The swell was up a bit so it was a bit rocking-and-rolling in his boat.

We headed to a bit of depth for some flatties but not a bite, so moved in to the 120 to 150 foot depth. They were very scattered, though plenty of spikeys which we used for bait. A number of the blue spots grabbed the bait but dropped off a short distance up. I can only put that down to the very slow drift, as I think the flatties were just grabbing the end of the bait and missing the hook, just hanging on until they were pulled a little distance from the bottom. The biggest at 42cm.

Gave that away and moved out to a reef area over 200 feet deep. Mate did not like that, too far to wind up. 🤣 We pulled up some reddies, with only one just making the size. I pulled up a smallish mowie, but it was sent back, not a fan of mowies.  😖  Mate pulled up a red spot whiting, easily 28cm, said it was not a normal whiting species then threw it back before I could say anything. They are good eating.

After that, we headed to my mate's fishing spot, shallower water and anchored. The burley brought on the slimies and yakkas. Mate's rod goes off and up came the larger reddie at 53cm. I had a bigger run but the fish headed straight under the boat and eventually the line scraped the bottom of the boat and gone. Could not get the rod tip far enough under the boat. Unknown fish.

Near full darkness, some tailor came on the bite, the biggest kept was 38cm, and some released. Happy with the fish so headed home.


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2 hours ago, wchh said:

The tone in the report depicts an ordinary trip, but the photo says it differently. 
Well done, as always!



Thank you. It was a nice day out, though a little bumpy and rocky in the boat.

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52 minutes ago, Fab1 said:

Well done as always mate.Your'e slowly catching up to the amount of fish I catch when I go out.😪😪😪😪 You're getting better.keep it up.😂🤣


Thank you. Asked my son if he wanted some flattie fillets, he said he would if I cooked them for him, so visitors turning up tonight. 😆

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1 hour ago, Ribs said:

As usual good feed there mate, and agree on the red spot whiting, at 28cm that would of been a good fish fir the table. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Before I could say anything, my mate chucked it overboard. 🤪

Just had a feed of flattie fillets, very nice, so will have some tailor another night.

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13 minutes ago, hookerbruce said:

Very nice bag of fish and that is a good red for Bate Bay

Same size red as the one I pulled out a month or two ago. The fish that took me under the boat, don't know what it was, but not happy. As my mate's boat is permanently moored on the water, there are a few barnacles on the bottom, so didn't stand a chance.

Happy with the bag of fish, a few feeds in it.

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15 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Great effort Yowie and a nice feed - love those tailor, you did well to get them on without getting bitten off.

Thank you. We did cop a couple of missing hooks when using singles, so tied on ganged hooks.

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8 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Awesome bag of.fish Yowie that's a really good reddie to boot.

300 feet !!!! Thats only 60m. What size gear were you using 

I use 20 pound mono, my mate was using 24 pound braid, snapper sinker and double droppers. The same rig we use for flatties.


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3 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Well done Yowie .... very nice feed there.  Just imagine how much better the day would have been with a few SPs on the hooks ... eh ?   🤣😁🤣

Cheers Zoran

Thank you, BUT, you can keep your plastics. :074:

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