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Hi raiders

I was wondering if you guys could help me out to find a eay going relaxed game fishing club that goes out on charters or similar  i like  to  join locally prefered if possible but willing to travel  i live in the roselands area and am  a beginner to game fishing i have been out a so any help would be fantastic

Thanks raiders

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I don’t know if you’ll find a gamefishing club that “goes out on charters” as such. Most gamefishing club members fish on private boats on a “chip in for fuel basis” to the best of my knowledge but I’m sure members may take a charter from time to time.

For a gamefishing club in your area, have a look at the NSW Gamefishing Association’s website:


Or, why not look at an ANSA club (Australian National Sportfishing Association), which affiliates with the gamefishing associations. I grew up in Mortdale and Peakhurst and am still a member (even though I now live in Port Stephens) of St George Sportfishing Club and it meets quite close to you.





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