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Bate Bay again


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Headed out to Bate Bay again to catch a few flatties. Before launching the boat at my mother's place, I threw a line out and pulled out a nice bream.

Headed out past the bombie to around 100 feet of water at sunrise. Plenty of spikies about, the blue spots were scattered. Just a slight N/W breeze and I eventually hit deeper water where the fish stopped biting.

I headed further out to about 200 feet, and with the drift there was a lot of line out. I eventually found a patch of tiger flatties, 2 legals and 3 unders, a lot of line to wind up an undersized fish. Eventually the bites stopped, nothing at all, so headed home. Not a lot of boats out there, certainly quieter than up river.

When I cleaned one of the tigers, there was a fairly fresh Mantis Shrimp in it's stomach, so there must be some little critters out in the deeper water.


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1 hour ago, zmk1962 said:

Good stuff Yowie - another great feed.  Now are you absolutely sure you don't want to bring them back on the bite by using an SP ? 🤣

Cheers Zoran

Happy with the feed.

I bounced a soft plastic around Jibbon Bombie just before sunrise, hoping for a red. Not a bloody thing.

Stupid SP's. :074:

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22 minutes ago, GoingFishing said:

Nice bag there Yowie...Mantis shrimp ! Cant say ive seen one off Sydney.

I've found them in the stomachs of jewies in the Hacking, maybe 2 of them. One was so fresh, must have just been eaten, about 15cms long. I was NEARLY tempted to take it home and cook it up. 😁 Taste similar to prawns - sometimes they are called Killer Prawns.

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