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Beach fishing at Balmoral


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Hi everyone, thanks for accepting me, I have started getting into again after my trip to forster fishing at smiths lake from the beach. Caught 3 good flatys and 2 bream and about 20 little breams.

Now that I'm back in Sydney, I was wondering if you can fish off the beach at balmoral between rocky point and  the jetty if no one is swimming (planning to go late afternoons) as the jetty can get busy sometimes.

And if you have or can't is there any other places to fish off the beach?

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Beach always has swimmers-even at dusk and dawn-as a kid i caught about 8 million tailor off the rocks there (it was one place that my parents were willing to take me -they would beach, i would fish)-chucking small metals or floating strip baits under a float. 

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