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Couple kings at Sydney heads


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Headed out around 6:30am today with two fresh squid id caught the afternoon before off north Bondi.


Tried to grab some yakka around middle head with plenty of sweep and zebra fish as by catch.


Mate managed to get his line tangled up in a seagull which was a 10 minute affair getting it free. Aimed on hitting the fads however the swell wasn’t massive but didn’t feel like bobbing around out there today so kept in close up on north head where I was out of the wind.


Trawled the two dead squid around for about an hour to no avail. Chucked a strip of slimy Mackerel on a hook and within a minute hooked a small king.

Chucked a small yakka out and landed another small king followed by a couple more rats on slimy mackerel. Old mans hat was giving off plenty of action with a lot of boats and a few fishos reporting good amounts of rats with some guys losing some big kings on live squid. 


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