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Reel spray


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Remove spool and rinse line under lightly running water.Soak a face towel with warm water and wring out well.Wipe down reel body paying attention to line roller,bail and handle.Leave to dry.Once dry spray a dry face towel lightly with Mr sheen and wipe entire reel except line.Get hold of light machine oil(Sewing machine oil) and put 1 drop on bail roller,and reel handle,and reel elbow join.That's it.

  If you want to know how to fish don't ask me.I just feed them.

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I use Mako oil ,

It has  a slight fish oil smell but nothing too bad , I just spray some on an old chamois or rag  and give the reel  a wipe over with that . I keep the chamois in a sealed container and give it a wash in some hot soapy water every now and then and let it dry , i then re load it with some Mako and chuck it back in the sealed container . This method only puts the thinnest layer on the reel which is all you need .  A drop of reel oil on the line roller ,  bail arm or level wind if it’s a bait caster keeps them operating smoothly.

Modern reels are pretty corrosion resistant and to clean them all that is needed is a wipe over with a rag dunked in soapy water and wrung   out so it’s not dripping wet. 

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My process, might be overkill, is after every trip out to:

* Spray with hose from a distance, trying to go from the top for the most part - i.e. spray hits the drag knob. My reels have rubber drag seals. 

* Wipe dry with clean cloth - reel and rod, particularly eyelets 

* Very light "passing" spray with inox MX over the reels 

* Wipe with cloth , use same cloth next time.







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My probably consist of similar amount of steps as Anthman... I think:

Step 1: Take Drag knob, spool & handle off reel. For rods, leave as separated pieces (if 2 piece rod)

Step 2: Use cloth with a little bit of dish washing liquid mixed with water (make sure cloth is not soaked), and wipe down all parts (avoid any openings or parts that have any grease/oil) (This is to remove any salts)

Step 3: Use a separate cloth, with just water on it this time, and wipe off soap from all the parts

Step 4: Use a third cloth, this time dry, and wipe down all parts mentioned above to dry off water

Step 5: put aside for air drying

Step 6 (optional step and depends on session, if reel got seriously wet or dunked):

        Reels: apply single drop oil to line roller, inox spray joins around handle

        Rod: apply bit of inox to kitchen paper and wipe down guides

Step 7: Once fully dry, put item back into where the belong

Ideally, I don't do it all at once but apply the above steps per piece of item. Step 6 is something I don't do often, but again, really depends on session. Some days are a little more exciting than others.

I find some ppl that like to constantly spray their reels, sometimes leaves behind a gunk residue in some places on their reels.

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