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Electric reel - what’s your suggestion


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I’m serious about an electric reel to chase some bigger units off-shore  in deep water and interested in the experience of others.

I’m thinking of a Daiwa Tanacom or Shimano Plays and thinking of spooling with 80- 100lb braid. I know there are some “cheap” Chinese models out there, but reliability, longevity, warranty back up are important (“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”).

looking forward the experiences of other Raiders

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Myself and a couple of mates have the Tanacom Bull 1000, which we've used for about 5 years.  Never had a days drama with any of them.  Another mate has a similar sized Shimano which is about 2 years old, and has also been faultless.  I like to use 80lb braid, less water resistance and has handled 20kg blue eye trevalla from 550m without a drama.  I'd stick with the major brands, they work well and you have great backup service and parts.  Hope this helps.

Cheers Dave 

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Hi @Pickles, regarding electrics, I fish a Diawa Tanacom Bull 1000 and a Diawa Tanacom 1000 , both spooled with 80lb braid (mono-colour) and 5-6m of 120lb leader. 

Between you and me, I cannot tell the difference between the Bull 1000 and the 1000 in terms of line capacity, drag and performance. The Bull has a lot more "bling" - nicer gold trim, gold handle lever and round handle with a nicer trim around the  display, the 1000 is matt black, with a T-bar handle, identical display.  Performance and specification they are identical.  

I have not had any problems with the Diawa's and have landed some sizeable fish  as you saw in the report that Sam put up a few weeks ago "Two Raiders Meet - A day offshore on BARRYCUDA".

Anyway, I used to fish with my mates Miya Epoch8 and that was an awesome electric reel but was about 3x the Diawa's in terms of cost. 

If you are considering going electric, I  have made several posts in the Workshop regarding fitting up battery boxes for electrics, and spooling /  line calibration (specific to the Diawa Tanacoms)  which may be of interest.

Just PM me if you have any specific questions about the Tanacoms or deep dropping or if you would like to see my set up (I'm just up Windsor rd from you).

Cheers Zoran


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I had a Miya Epoch8 which ran faultlessly for several years but I did sell it recently as there seems to be very little left offshore in the way of fish down here. A few of my friends have Daiwa's and they all seem to have issues with them now they are getting older. I have considered getting a small Ellectric reel again but will most likely go with Shimano if I do simply because they have the same 10 yr warranty they give on all their reels, how effective the warranty is I don't know.

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