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Land based at Broughton island


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Hey guys new to the forum and looking for some help, I’m currently looking at going to Broughton for a weekend camping a wondering if any of you legends know of any land based spots for pelagics around the island ? 🤙🏻

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Welcome aboard.

There are a heap of threads on here about Broughton if you do a search but not many that would be specific to land based & not sure why you would limit yourself to land based if you need a boat to get there, is it just dropping you off?


Will be interesting to hear what locals like @Scratchie have to say but I think you could catch pelagics from just about anywhere, probably more so off rock ledge areas.

Just be a matter of being in the right place at the right time, ballooning live baits & using heaps of burley.


Just be aware of the sanctuary zones around some of those eastern areas as per the marine park map.

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