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A windy Sunday on the harbour


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Launched at rosebay yesterday at 5 am to the forecast 20knot southerly but no rain so that’s a win. Picked up a few squid along the eastern suburbs beaches. Yakkas were plentiful although a touch larger than the desired lollipop size. After loading up on bait we had wanted to try inside north head but unfavourable conditions forced us back inside the harbour. We dropped livies at all the usual places working our way down towards Taronga zoo and some of the more western islands. Marked large schools of bait, some holding fish but could not get a strike. Schools of busting fish kept us busy everywhere we went, ranging from finicky tailor to large mack tuna that gave us a great run on the 10lb gear. Great to have the harbour to yourself for a change!

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1 hour ago, motiondave said:

was @REELCRAZY and I, the only ones that went fishing yesterday? :D


Looks like it as I've been waiting for reports and other than your two it isn't happening.Either that or they are shy and don't want to share their magnificent catches.

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