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A few Luderick off the rocks


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Went out fishing off the rocks in the RNP yesterday. It was a glorious morning and the seas were almost flat. Took a nice pic on the way out to the coast. It has been almost 6 months or more since we have had a chance to get out, so despite only having a couple of hours, we managed an early start. I was using an old rod and a Tempo reel and it was a bit soft to put much pressure on the fish, but managed to land a few. The biggest fish I have hooked in a long time, took around 5 minutes to coax up onto the ledge. Every time it would come close, it would power off back to the deep. I was using 6lb line so couldn't do much about it. Finally washed it up with a small swell, but the backwash allowed it to tear off once again and this time the line snapped. Regardless, I would have released it, as I prefer the smaller ones for the table. Had a great time and looking forward to the next one. I found the Tempo reel didn't run as freely as my Avon's, but maybe that is because it is new. Good times.



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