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Best land based kingfish spots in middle harbour


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Hi M_F, Im not that up on fishing in the harbour but the same subject has come up before.

Its always a good idea to use the forums large info resources by using the search tab as well as using other google based searches.

Essentially when trying to research new areas I do as wider search base as possible, youtubes, articles, whatever you can find.

Some threads fom FR-







I also study youtubes & look for landmarks-

This vid below is from  FR @James Clain who does a fair bit of landbased

Kings cruise around looking for prey & also follow bait so there is one area thats better than another really, its about getting some info on a group of locations, preferably using life baits like squid, yakka's & slimies where possible & just trying your luck imo.


Good luck.


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