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Hawkesbury fires for flatties


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Haven’t been to the harbour chasing kings for a few weeks (swell and wind producing unpleasant conditions) so been reconnecting with the Hawkesbury to good effect. Today the soapy Jews were again in plague proportions (20 in total, making over 50 in the past 10 days in 3 trips, but all under 70 and most under 40). 
The Flatties were on fire though and we had a great day, only keeping 6. We had fresh live herrings and fresh cut flesh baits as well as fresh frozen Hawkesbury prawns. All fish were caught on prawns. They were biting very lightly and were hooked by slowly retrieving the bait. Two rigs were used,

1, 20 lb braid with FG knot and 3 m Fluro leader to a swivel and a running “Easy Rig” with snapper sinker, from the swivel to a further 50cm 20lb fluro and a 2/0mustad demon circle hook.

2. 20lb braid and 3m 20lb fluro (FGknot) with a ball sinker (changed several times as tidal flow varied) to swivel and  2/0 Mustad Demon circle hook.

When cleaning the fish, the 6 we kept were full of littles jelly prawns.

Sorry no pics😞 

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