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Mark, Nick and Pickles Big Day Out - Kingies and 6 kg of cuttlefish.


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Predictions of swell, wind and tides for Thursday meant “the planets were all aligned” and it was so. We hit the water at first light, got a tank full of lollipop sized Yakkas and a thumper bream (42cm) and saw several rat kings in the berley trail, but were shy of anything with a hook in it, so we moved to our first spot off the heads in deep water and landed two giant Cuttlefish while live baiting for Kingies. Not often you put a live bait down for a kingfish and catch a cuttlefish - TWICE.

We landed 5 Kingies in 10 minutes, one going 67, the rest all between 57-64.5 cm😞.

We hit our second spot and landed 3 more kings and two more nice bream and two legal snapper. As the bait was getting low, we headed back to the bait grounds and as well as 20 more Yakkas, we also bagged 5 big garfish (on size 12 hooks and tinypeieces of prawn). At our 4th spot Nick landed two big Trevally (39 & 42 cm) and I nice snapper of 38cm.

On our way past Clifton Gardens I noticed a rod on the Naval drum bouy, if any raider has lost a Shimano Reovolution and sienna reel, swing past and pick it up, I took it off to get a photo on the esky, then put it back - I think it will need a bit of love to get it functional again though.

Overall a great day and mixed bag with all of us going home with a big feed.

Total Kingies for the year now 77 (might not get to my target of 700 this year at this rate though).







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Absolutely cracker result Pickles and crew !   I was tossing up offshore Sydney or offshore Broken Bay yesterday. Looking at your smiling faces and the result I definitely made the wrong call to head offshore from Broken Bay ... for now Broken Bay offshore should be renamed to Blue Bottle offshore.

Cheers Zoran (drooling)

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So glad you were able to get back to what you enjoy Bob and that you had some good results. A long way to go to get to 700 but I'm sure you'll be trying very hard to achieve the goal. It's going to be a lot of fun either way, that's for sure.

Keep up the great work of taking others out for a great day on the water...

Cheers, bn

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4 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Looks like a great day out! Smiles all round. Well done Bob 🤙

cheers scratchie!!! 

Scratchie. Pickles found your rod. After netting your boy's snapper so many times, your rod just went to rust and dust.  :074:

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Sounds like a good day Bob, well done.

We must have driven past each other on Thursday. After getting a call late afternoon on Wednesday my boat mechanic came round and fitted a broken part so after diner I checked the forecast and made a late decision to head out as I now had a working boat. Hit the bait grounds by around 4.45am, got a heap of Yakkas then headed to the FAD to see if I could find Dollies, trolled Yakkas around the FAD, then went and tried the Wave Rider where I hooked a 60cm Kingie, then kept trolling the Yakkas all the way back to the FAD for ZIP...
Also drifted across Whale and the Foul Grounds with a Yakka down with no hits, although when I pulled in the Yakka it had been destroyed by what I guess were Squid. On the positive side I did get 8 good Flathead on the Foul Grounds.
Then as the wind was picking up headed to the hole in front of Clifton gardens where I hooked another 55-60cm Kingie and a big Salmon, both on Yakkas. 


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17 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Pic is fine, just wanted to maintain confidentiality, but he’s used to his pic on TV every night so doesn’t mind.

So why remove it then?

Maybe a stick on moustache, a fake nose, some sunglass & a top gun cap next time in the pic & we will have no idea who Mark is :biggrin2:.


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