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Day 3 on Sydney Harbour Kings - BIG flattie on unusual bait.


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I was blessed to be able to fish 3 days in a row after a  prolonged period (3 weeks) of “piscatoria depraviva”.

Ian and Dave have been asking to catch a kingie for several months and Friday was the day. It was Ian’s birthday, so he was keen as and his son Dave had a RTO, so we headed to the harbour and loaded up with livies - didn’t even try for squid as I had cuttlefish from the day before. As always, whenever getting livies, I put one down just in case there is a hoodlum cruising around in the berley. Dave’s little livie rod with 6lb line went screaming off and 120m of line peeled off the little Sienna and “bang”, smoked by a kingie. I put out a tiny piece of cuttlefish to float in the berley on my little overhead setup,  FATE 2-4kg rod with Shimano Curado DC with a no 6 demon circle hook- 20lb braid and 20lb fluro leader. This light little setup has landed well over 100 Kingies, several in the 90’s and one at 105cm, pretty amazing really, but just goes to show what careful angling and constant prayers can do (Please Jesus, don’t let it bust me off”)

I handed the rod to the birthday boy and with coaching, Ian landed a 75cm king on this tiny outfit - at the bait grounds.

Overall we landed 6 Kingies (busted off twice) but the real adventure was landing a 72 cm flathead on a small snapper. Before any Raiders get excited, this was not intended as a bait, but took a bait intended for a Jewie. What made the capture so interesting was that the flattie swallowed the snapper and it got lodged SIDEWAYS in its mouth and it couldn’t shake it out (praise God it held till we netted it).

Also caught up with raider Thomas in “ Nannas Lunchbox”, who I stopped to give a hand because he had the cowling off the motor and spraying it with WD40 (noticed the Dolphin fish sticker on the transom), turns out he was OK and motor was working, but only to 4000 revs.

overall  a great day and as weather predictions for next 4 days looking dodgy, might be a while till I get out again (4 days is too long to not go fishing).






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You fish hard Bob! Good on you. Wish I was able to put in that many hours but I think there might be a depletion of the snapper population if that was the case. 🤣🤣🤣

Just awesome that you share your time and experience with so many anglers! Hats off to you mate! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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