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Sydney Harbour 18/12


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Hi all,

Well I got out on "REKLESS" to have another crack at the kings again ,put in at bullshit "o" clock in the morning and was looking at a 15 knot Nor wester that made for at least a warm wind and headed down from Tunks park to the spit bridge .I maucked around there trying for a squid and gave up after 15minutes and headed off to Balmoral at the "island " and loaded up on some yakkas,the crew was still catching up on there ugly sleep so i had a flick around with the jigs and ended up picking up three nice double hook sized squid.The crew then rang and I picked them both up from clontarf and seeing as it was a bit windy and they had no idea about fishing I thought that prudence was to stay in the flat water and catch squid.

The crew was made up with a mate and his twelve year son and after some quick directions he was catching squid and his son was getting into the yakkas on a 6lb handline.Happy as pigs in shit they were.

The wind then really picked up and we retreated upstream to clontarf and I trolled the squid around for an hour on the tide change for nought.

Pulled the pin and went back to his place where we ended up with about 1.5kg of squid rings.The water was the right temperature but I suspect that the westerley put the fish off the bite.

I did find out that there has been mixed schools of tailor,salmon and kings that have been hammering the white bait.The are a bit fickle but I reckon if you were to get a bg tide varience with a runout tide in the morning just work the flotsam line as it goes out the harbour .This was what a mate did last tuesday and they picked up three species on plastics.,he was between the heads and found a school on the surface.Friday the 30th looks the pick.

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ahhh no kings :(

still good 2 be out on the water mate...

beats working anyday.. :1fishing1:

lets hope the weekend and early next week shapes up as a few ripper days out on the water im keen as mustard to get out there..

all the best chasing kings on fri if u get out..

cheers steve :1fishing1::beersmile:

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im out next Wednesday with the boy's and the high at approx 7.00am is from memory about 1.6 so I hope to find some of that flotsam you've just mentioned. Was down at the island at Bal this morning I mean I was standing on the Island watching and lots and lots of Yakkas no squid.

Happy :1fishing1: Russ

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