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Hunter River Bio-diversity Yeah Right

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The Fishing Party

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December 20, 2005

Dear Journalists

News is at hand today that the Hunter River has finally died.

Commercial and Recreational fishers are now witnessing how a pollution drain operates when Coalmines and Industry, sewage and land runoff combine. No prawns, No mud crabs, Dead stingrays (everywhere?) and Dead oyster crops are the result. Compensation might now be further extended.

When government talks about bio-diversity they blame fishing, they create Marine Parks to save the bio-diversity. It’s about time the real reasons for this destruction are made public.

The Fishing Party will be doing everything in its power to campaign on the real issues that affect the marine resource. Water quality and quantity, siltation, sewage and toxic runoffs, erosion and plain stupid management of the marine resource are being exposed everyday. The coast is experiencing more and more fish kills.

The Wilderness Society, Nature Conservation Council and National Parks Association delight in targeting fishing with their blame the fisher attitude.

For years the really concerned groups of fishers have been yelling and screaming about this Hunter drain and government wealth greed has prevailed. Coalmines mean money to the government but the every day way of life is bypassed in commitment.

Well Messrs Iemma, Debus, Macdonald now is the time to show your hand, your priorities for the Hunter are now on show.

Robert Smith, chairman, The Fishing Party, 0265560338, sinali@bigpond.com

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