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Long Reef - buckets, sofas, trees,mud, kings and snapper

Newport Nuffy

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My son and I took on the run up Pittwater and out through Barrenjoey Heads with the thinking of having a go at Newport Reef - just got the boat back from some major works and wanted to get out as well as test a couple of new Saragosa reels.  Coming up to Barrenjoey and a huge quantity of muddy water could be seen streaming out of the Hawkesbury and  heading out to sea.  Once rounding the heads, the mud kept going in the direction of Fiji so we turned south down hugging the coast where the water was surprisingly clean.  The ocean was dead flat and no wind, so even if we didnt catch any fish, it was great to give the boat a good test after the repairs.  As the sea was so nice, we decided to keep going down to Long Reef.

Passing heaps of floating debris  which was a bit further out including what looked like sofa, we were greeted with a very busy sounder so dropped a few dead baits of various sizes (no chance to get any livies in our usual spot as it was covered in mud). Second or third drift and the Saragosa 8000 goes off with a decent 60-odd cm King.  Next drift, the bigger 14000 gosa gets smashed but hook did not properly set. Had been using a large calamari on a two hook rig - what ever it was took the hood but left the head and my son, always the optimist let it go back down with only the head and tentacles on one hook.  A few minutes later, got smashed again and this time the fight was on.  After a very good battle, my son landed a monster snapper at 70cm - a PB by a country mile!  Next drift, a couple of kings and a 50cm snapper (now on lighter gear).  Headed back, dodging sofas and buckets, filleted the fish and had a very enjoyable meal with enough vacuum packed and sealed for another 4 or 5 dinners!



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Awesome stuff - by all accounts the reef species are loving the rain. All im hearing is those who venture out are being rewarded with some good catch.

Be careful of the floating couches ! (Didnt think id ever have to say that for boating 🤔)

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Couple of nice fish there, well worth the effort.

Sometimes after a big flood, you may see a cow swimming along in the ocean. Then you could have reef and beef for the table. 🤣

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Lucky the couch owner wasn't still asleep on it with the remote control. And those floating couches might have been made by Nick Scaly furniture. 🤣

OK dad jokes never cease at my place but fair dinkum those reds are beautiful fish. Love the way you put it on the brag mat, fish alive, full technicolour and not covered in the red stuff. Nice run of the boat for you, and nice of snapper for your son. Next time you see a floating couch, grab a rod with a squid head, send it down and watch it like a hawk...

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