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Lifejacket question... Hydrostatic lifejacket


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Hi all

so been thinking about a lifejacket since the new boat arrives in a few weeks. the Jackets the dealer gives are the marlin manual activation jacket but like a few here i mainly go out myself so probably better i have an auto inflatable jacket.

Did the search here and some have said they have had the auto ones go off when washing boat, have read if it rains or get spray can trigger it. did a quick search and there are hydrostatic jackets which go off when you hit water as it senses pressure changes


had anyone on here had experience with these or anyone own one ? doesnt seem to be many out on the market when you do a search

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I've had 2 of the auto inflate jackets (moisture sensing) for 5 years. Never had em go off whilst in boat or washing etc, but did have one go off whilst it was sitting in the back of the car. But the cartridges have an expiry date and need to be replaced after a few years anyway. So 1 inadvertent trigger from 2 jackets over 5 years is ok by me. 

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