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Avoiding salmon off the rocks?


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Sick of salmon, lol. We catch dozens of them when we go to the rocks (up and down Sydney). Any good ideas to avoid them?

I use live yakkas.

One way I can think of is squid. Then again, I need to get a lot better at catching those..


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Try using live Pike for Kings instead of Yakka's -only the better class of fish go for them and they are too big for greedy guts Salmon.

To catch the Pike there are two methods we used to use

1) put a Whitebait on 3 x size 1 gangs and pinch a small piece of sheet lead or a couple of split shot about a foot in front of the gangs, let it sink about 8-10 ft near the edge and move slowly along the ledge- you can also use a whole Pilchard on bigger hooks but the Whitebait is heaps better- usually they'll dart up from the edge, sometimes when you're almost lifting your bait back out. 

2) use the same hooks/bait and put it under a small bobby cork with a little more lead and set it about 8-10 ft deep, again fish it really close to deep edges. The beauty of the Whitebait also is that it isn't anywhere near as attractive to all the Mado's, Sweep and Yakka's as a Pilchard and lasts far longer on your hooks. Bi-catch Pike fishing are Bream.

You can get Pike on other bait and lures but the Whitebait is their favourite. When you get one put it straight out (or in a large pool if you have something to get it out with) as they don't survive well in captivity. Often when you put one out (just use 1 hook about an inch behind the gill opening) they will float upside-down on the surface, don't let that worry you as long as they're breathing the kings will take them, often on the surface in front of you. They are also great for Mulloway fished deep

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If you're prepared to carry them in and know where to catch them, another option to Waza's pike is mullet. I'm talking about fish around 200-250mm long, which are still easily caught on bread baits in the estuaries when berleyed up and too big to interest an average size salmon.

I used to get them in the Crookhaven River and carry them into the platforms around Currarong when baits were hard to come by off the rocks and the kings went nuts over them.

Fished under a cork, they just want to swim in tight circles up on the surface which seems irresistible to the kings and some of the surface strikes are as violent as you'll ever see.

Due to the tight circling of the mullet, its important to have a good quality, ball bearing swivel below your float otherwise your leader will twist up horribly.

Another good technique I found to catch pike was to cast a thin profiled, deep diving hardbody lure over the kelp beds in the sheltered bays. If the bottom is made up of large boulders that's a bonus.

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