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Photography challenge


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Hi All,

Most of us have easy access to a camera. It might be a simple as your mobile phone or a high end kit. I started the following challenge for work during Covid but never followed through on it but I thought it would be a good topic for Fishraider.

The challenge is to put together a set of images in whichever suggested topic(s) below appeal to you. If you head out for your outdoor recreation bring your camera. I've also included topics that can be done inside the home. Get creative. Play around with the angles that you take them from. Consider the light.

This is not a competition as such but it is a chance to share images which give us a bit more insight into the people on this forum. If you can, include some details about the photo such as where, when, the camera or phone.

  • A loved one
  • Action
  • Angles
  • Beach
  • Black and White
  • Boating
  • Close to the heart
  • Close ups
  • Clouds
  • Dusk and Dawn
  • Fireworks
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Homes
  • Landscape
  • Macro (thanks @Green Hornet)
  • Nightlife
  • Polarising lens impact (the most dramatic changes you have using a circular polarising filter)
  • Portrait
  • Reflections (thanks @kingie chaser)
  • Roads
  • Sculpture
  • Silhouette
  • Stone
  • Textures
  • Transport
  • Trees
  • View from my window (e.g. home, office, car)
  • Water
  • Weddings
  • Wildlife

Some examples for action photos: The first two were taken at the ski park near Wiseman's ferry when one of the boat owners was kind enough to take me out on their boat. The challenge was keeping the focus sharp as the gentlemen was working the wake hard. I then realised that since he was on a ski rope he was always going to be the same distance from the tie off point on the boat. I just got the sharpness right once then turned off the autofocus. The second was taken at Curl Curl south when we had some pretty big waves.




If you have photos taken previously which fit into the categories then feel free to recycle them. Those beautiful photos you have sitting on storage will bring far more joy if you can share them around to a larger audience.

I'm also open to suggestions for other topics.

Happy snapping.



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Great idea Derek….
So to kick off here’s my daughter’s submission (a bit tongue in cheek)
1. Black and White - well nearly the subject is mostly white

2. Dusk or Dawn - nearly it’s late arvo

3. Wildlife - nearly - I swear at times he’s not domesticated

…. And to boot it’s also… 



Blueys Beach. 31.3.2019. iPhone camera. 

cheers Zoran 

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Nice subject @DerekD, you could probably double the subject topics.

Probably 90% of my better photo's are on 35mm negs & on actual photo paper(if anyone remembers what that is:whistling:)

I know you can get some great gadgets now to transfer them into a digital format but life is to short to start going through a few thousand images to pull out the good ones.


The digital age has made photography life so much easier & so much cheaper

I can remember at times taking a few rolls x 36 images on the old Pentax SLR, working hard on lighting, composition etc, waiting in excitement to get them back & after spending $40 on developing the images, go through them & maybe only being really happy with 2 or 3 images 🙄.


Now we just snap away on the motor drive without a thought of cost, look at them instantly on the display, get rid of the ones that didnt work & do it all over again.

And what you can do with a program like photoshop surpasses anything you could dream of doing in the dark room!


Anyway, I still remember being so excited to get my 1st digi camera, a Olympus C-5050, nice little non slr camera(dont think SLR's were available yet?), nice F1.8 lens that excelled with macro pictures, think it cost me $1200 which was a bit of money in those days

I remember a 256mb memory card cost me $256 back then, thats how much things have changes, now you can get 36GB card for about $20 😲


Anyway are some images from that camera










Cant add this one, maybe because its in TIF format?









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4 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

Great idea Derek….
So to kick off here’s my daughter’s submission (a bit tongue in cheek)


Blueys Beach. 31.3.2019. iPhone camera. 

cheers Zoran 

Hi Zoran.

Luv it!! Especially how the sense of movement comes through in the photograph. Your daughter did really well there.

Please keep them coming.


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Topic: Close up (or angles)

Was teaching my cousin the basics of photography. One thing I was trying to impress on her is change your perspective or elevation or angle to get the impact. Using what I said she took this one of a very famous iconic Sydney building (I wish I'd taken it) on my Canon EOS 350D.


It is the Sydney Opera house.

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Wildlife: White faced heron. Was lucky enough to catch this bird feeding. The meal was less lucky. Canon EOS 80D.


This rainbow lorikeet came up to say hello while I had my 80D with me.


I bought a 150mm-600mm lens for some wildlife photography a few months back. This cropped photo of the crab was taken from about 3m away. With the Canon 80D having a cropped sensor it did help with the magnification a bit.


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10 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Changes the format to JPG from TIF on the landscape one



Oh how could I forget about food 🙄🙄

Taken with Samsung A70




Hot dang!! @kingie chaser Those food shots are fantastic. I had a sugar rush just looking at the last photo. Who prepared the food in your photos? If it was you I vote we have a BBQ at yours once Covid restrictions ease.

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11 hours ago, DerekD said:

Hot dang!! @kingie chaser Those food shots are fantastic. I had a sugar rush just looking at the last photo. Who prepared the food in your photos? If it was you I vote we have a BBQ at yours once Covid restrictions ease.

Thanks D, yeh I have a heap of nice food shots as I used to do most of the pictures for our food tastings at work.

This is just food I did at home. The last one was a dessert I did for xmas lunch for the family a couple of years ago.

Its a pimped out eton mess, they all loved it :thumbup: 


Wouldn't it be nice to arrange a forum get together in sydney, bbq by the sea, wet a line as well, maybe next year :1worthy:  


I used to really enjoy mucking around with photography & seeing what effect I could make, car racing, sports shots in general, depth of field shots etc.

You might spur me on to get all my photo's out of the garage & go through them all, there's not much else to do at the moment 😏 


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I used to love photography, had my own darkroom and spent many hours playing around with effects etc.

Had 3 trips overseas Spent 3 months and 2 x 6 weeks touring England, Scotland, and Wales took over 2000 35mm slide shots of Castles, Abbeys , and scenery and I guess a couple of dozen shots was sunny enough to see color in the shots the rest were sorta washed out through lack of sunshine.

Every digital photo I took from 1996 until 2016 I had stored in my old fishing site and when it closed down I lost the lot.

I still have a lot of 35mm camera equipment, couple of Nikon cameras and others , still have enlarger but sadly these will never see daylight again.

These days the only photos I take are the project shots, so really nothing to show .


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camping quite awhile back far south cost of nsw. we left with basically nothing other then a few rods, tackle, a loaf of bread, gas stove and 2 towels. got surprised by a couple storm cells on the second night. If we were ever going to get hit by lightning that was the night.
car was parked a few km away as well so we just sat in the sand getting absolutely pissed on.


Nice morning last year on the kayak just inside kurnell heads. taken on a galaxy s10


sunset in port hacking yay.thumb.jpg.2f14f649a9fd3cecbaf222f4444e2d6c.jpg2 or so years ago 

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