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Port Stephens- It happens to us all


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G’day raiders, 

Firstly, I hope everyone is safe and well. It is very tough times at the moment but just stay the course and we’ll get to the other side. 

Today, after 6 days of lockdown, I managed to get out with son number 2, with conditions looking favourable. 
We launched at Shoal Bay at 530 and was a bugger with a lowish tide and surge at the ramp. But we managed to head out and soldier on. Got to our first spot and to my surprise there was already 3 boats in the area. Damn! Started casting and wasn’t showing any signs of bait but we still remained optimistic. The wind was blowing a bit harder than predicted so we deployed the shute. It helped our drift but we still weren’t seeing any bait. After a few drifts it was time to move and we get to the next spot and again another 3 boats. Grrrrrr! 
We start the drift and still no sign of bait but out of nowhere a sudden hit but didn’t stick.

Well that was about it for day. One hit, lost 4 jigs, broke a rod, got pulled over by Maritime and the only “fish” we caught was barracuda. We pulled 3 and three strikes your out! And home by 930. 

Probably one of the worst days I’ve experienced on the water. But to leave it on a positive……. I got to see the sunrise, I spent time with my son, we seen dolphins and whales and we made it back safely! 
It’s not always about the fish 🐟 

cheers scratchie!!! 


And then went down the road with my wife to watch the sunset..,,,,


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11 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

Atleast you made me feel better about my doughnut today Jeff (with no lost lures or broken rods)🤔

It was definitely a different type of day. It also confirmed to me about snapper and people driving over the drift 🤔 The broken rod was a real low point and was my fault trying too hard! 

11 hours ago, Rummers said:

I got a donut today too! Thought I was a genius hitting the flats at Lemmo on low tide, turns out a lot more weed than I remember! 😂😂

always next time!!

Haha, the beauty of fishing is there’s always next time! 🤙

11 hours ago, frankS said:

At least you got to sit in the boat while it is in water.

I have been sitting in the boat also only it's sitting on it's trailer out the front of my house, not on water.

You will do better next trip.


Yeah Frank, boats definitely feel better when they’re in the water.  Still looking forward to next trip 

10 hours ago, Blackfish said:

I recon when you go fishing its not always about the fish........ or the broken rod .... or the lost jigs.

The photos say it all.

Absolutely! I just love being out there. The sound, the smell, the sights. Fish are always a welcome bonus. 

8 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Id pay a million dollars to lay eyes on the ocean right now 😭😭😭

Good on you for getting out Jeff. Any day on the water is a good day.

Thanks Sam. I feel your pain mate. I am fortune to live in the postcode I do and never take it for granted. 

53 minutes ago, big Neil said:

That, I think, is one of the primary requirements of a good angler... finding the positive in a bad day. No question that you are a good angler Jeff, next time is another opportunity to prove it. Keep on keeping on. bn

Cheers BN. I guess most people are used to me placing a report holding a big snapper but not all days go to plan. It wasn’t through a lack of trying that’s for sure but definitely a few things conspired against me yesterday. Grr 😠 

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3 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

At least you caught something. If 'cudas even count as something....

Hahaha! No they don’t count, neither do rock cod, pike or Sargent bakers which are the usual bycatch of fishing with soft plastics. Three strikes and your out! 🤣🤣

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Just now, masterfisho7 said:

Just to be able to get on the water is great 

100%.  That’s exactly why I live where I do. People often move to where they work, to be close to family, for schools etc I chose to be close to the ocean and let the rest sort itself out! 🤙

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5 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Better luck next time Scratchie, and there will be plenty more 'next times' without Barry Couta.

Thanks Yowie. Always look forward for the chance to redeem myself. Gives me another excuse to go fishing anyway 🤣

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