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A great day out - pre-lockdown!

Newport Nuffy

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Before the 10km and then 5km Covid ring descended on Sydney, I was able to get out to Texas and see if the old body could sustain a day of jigging in 100m of water to chase bigger Kings. With a great forecast (the week before was also a great forecast was turned out bloody horrible!) we rounded Barrenjoey just before sunrise, went looking for a few slimies in case the body fell apart and I had to resort to bait fishing, but couldn't get anything to take the sabiki.  After half an hour, we gave up, i prepared myself mentally for a day of hard work, and we set off to Texas in a very slight following sea.  

Once there, saw a few boats around so worked out our drift to go over the top of the peak and on first drop hooked up.  Didn't fight like a King but still had to bring it up the 100m or so to see a Couda on hook which pleasingly unhooked itself just as I was about to risk losing a few fingers.  I tell myself that is a good sign (not sure what logic I used to come to that conclusion!) but we moved a bit, marked a lot of predator fish on top of bait balls and then it went off.  Virtually every drop we got a hit and landed around 30 Kings over the next three hours with all but one over 65cm...the majority in the 70s with the largest going to 78cm.  We kept 8 and released the others - blooded and iced immediately after getting them on the boat. All the boats around were having the same type of day and all boats managed their drift well so everyone could get on to the spot (except for one guy who had his Minn Kota locked on a spot, which caused several minor drift collisions...but his own fault for not playing the team game)

Used a pretty standard setup with about 240-270g jigs, 8/0 hook and a few different reels (Gosa 20000, Gosa 14000 and Ocea Calcutta 8000F towards the end to have a bit of fun).

Neighbours were happy with a few Kingfish fillets for their sashimi, son was happy that he had a day out to brag about, and I was delighted to have "one of those days"! Body held up for the three hours (we were both cooked by then so decided to head home a few hours before we had originally planned), and the sore muscles for the next few days were just a nice reminder of a great day out.

Get vaccinated so we can all get out there again!


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4 hours ago, Newport Nuffy said:

Texas is about 10 miles off Terrigal.  The good thing about it is it is a big area....the bad things is it is a big area!

It's also an area which borders NSW / QLD. I knew you weren't catching Kingies there. Thanks for explaining where the "Kingies" Texas is. Some quality fish there NN. Cheers, bn

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On 8/17/2021 at 9:09 AM, zmk1962 said:

Now that’s a bloody good offshore report. Thanks for sharing. Needed this so much as I look out over my polished boy in the driveway! One day…..soon. 
cheers and thanks Zoran 

You need to move to the Northern Beaches. We are allowed out, but only 3nm. 🙂

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