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Wally's Wharf Take 2

Isaac Ct

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Hi Raiders,

Headed to Wally's Wharf to try my luck with the Blackfish again. First thing i noticed was a HUGEEEEE ray! The width of it would've been approx 2m!!! There was plenty of Blackfish swimming around so set out some burley and got my line wet. After 5 minutes a solid down and a nice 29cm blackie. Next drift a 33cm blackie, stoked!! During the 3 hours of fish (45 minutes of which spent untangling lines and cleaning fish) ended up catching 7 blackies 27-35cm keeping 4 for a feed and releasing the 35cm and 2 just on legal, also ended up with 2 nice sand mullet but where just under 30cm😭. Does anyone know the strategy of the legal length of under 15cm for bait only and over 30cm for eating only?? All caught on bread and burleyed with mussels and soaked bread. Any tips for places around the shire to find green weed? 

Cheers Isaac CT



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No size limit on sand mullet, the only limit is on sea mullet, 30cm.

There is a mullet bag limit - combined or single species - of 20.

As for poddy mullet, which are usually sand mullet in most places of NSW, a bag limit of 20, under 15cm, and kept alive for live baiting.

Sea mullet are the most common in NSW, followed by sand mullet. You can also catch yellow eyed mullet, though usually found in the south of the state, and sometimes flat tail mullet. There are other mullet species, though not commonly found in NSW.

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