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Botany Bay


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Ello fellow raiders,

headed out for a boxing day fish with 2 mates of mine..

i was hoping for sunrise start but my stupid mate slept in dndt he,

so i dndt get onto the water till 8am ish,

i headed over to the cooks river ramp and i could not believe how PACKED it was OMG :1yikes:

its got a fairly big car park nd EVERY spot was taken and the surrounding streets had trailers parked everywher...

u had to c it to believe it.. so i turned back nd ended up launching under neath tom uglys which wasnt to bad after all..

anyways back to fishing headed over to my 1st bream spot hoping to land a few keepers.. plenty of bream and snapper landed but every1 of the buggers were ALL under size..

id say we caught around 15 to 20 at this 1 spot although all under size it was still plenty of fun..

after an hour or so i was sick of these little buggers so i cruised over to the 3rd runway nd parked amongst about 10 boats hehe :1prop:

we threw everythng dwn there squid,prawns,pillies, nd my special bream dough mix ALL FOR ZILCH,

the bay was looking awesome harldy a ripple so i thought id cruise out past the heads around cronulla we went...

we stopped at a few spots for ZILCH pot luck really as ive never really been passed molineaux point be4..

the day was getting on and i was getting reder and reder frm sunburn as i left the sunscreen at home :thumbdown:

we tried 1 more of my fav spots just south of the hot water outlet.. the plce was on fire we caught a few more under sized snappers then landed 3 keeper breams going 37ms,36ms and 31ms, also i foul hooked a port jackson beautifull thing it was got a couple of photos and back he went.. in all the excitement we seen a school of tailor on the surface and a near by boat was onto them 1 after another oh the port jacko went roughly 40cms little bugger but nice to look at.

so all in all a fun day and plenty of fish caught but only 3 keeper bream.. hope every1 hada nice chrissy and was able to get a fish in...

cheers steve... :1fishing1:

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Guest Sea Jay

Good report mate, you were lucky to get a flat day on the bay it has been very choppy of late and good to hear that you were gettin plenty of fish in the boat, although most were undersize it all still good fun specially when your out with mates

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