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Botany Bay 27/12/05


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It was interesting to read Sea Jay's report & their experience on the Bay yesterday. We to had a good day with some new experiences.

Left Cooks rver at 7.15am & headed to the Cans to meet up with friend Peter brother Micheal. Pete has just taken delivery of a new 4.6mt Stacer & was keen to give the boat a run on the Bay

The plan was to troll the southern headland for Kings. There were heaps of boats , all bottom bashing for reasons we later discovered were more productive.

Four passes along the cliffs produced zip so back to Watts reef to regroup. Arrived to find another friend Graham checking out the sceen.

We decided to try a few drifts & with the Southerly pushing us North started on the reef & drifted into the bay.

The next few hours , fishing Watts & the headland produced the widest aray of fish we have caught in a day.

Began with a small jacket followed by a whiting & 2 small flathead. All returned. A little further out 3 Flounder which included 1 keeper then an assortement of rock fish & a few throw back Reddies.

It became a situation of what was going to come over the side next.

Came back into Watt's & with the N/E kicking in began a drift towards the oil whalf. Brother in law Henry hooked into a nice Trevor . I felt a drag on the line , something heavy & thought , monster Flathead.

Not to be. an Octopus. Well why not , we had caught everything else. Released it with 1 tentical missing ( only way to cut him free) dropped the line over with a 6" length of wriggling tentical & thought prime bait fot something bigger. No sooner had it hit the bottom & away it went. This time I thought , the big one.

Wrong , another Ocky. Two more followed so decided 4 was enough & with the sun becoming unplesant headed back to Cook's

We caught two other fish not mentioned above :1yikes: & request your assistance in identification



Heading back out again on Friday with David ( Mottyman) & his 8 YO son. :thumbup::yahoo: Hope the Kings are more cooperative



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