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Moonee Beach at Catherine Hill Bay (what to target?)


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Hey mate, Telling us a more specific time frame might be helpful. But off any beach in the summer you are likely to hook up with some bream and whiting. Try catching beach worms and pipis for fresh bait but if not just go to your tackle store and get some dead or live ones. 

If i you are up for it i recommend going rock fishing on the rocks north of the beach. i don't know what you catch in the summer off those rocks but i know it can be very productive.

Good luck👍

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Thanks All.

Good to know whiting are around there!

Will be around early December hopefully.

I've seen salmon caught off the rocks at north Moonee beach.  I'll see if i can bring back my braveness for the rocks, lost it since I got boat many years ago.  I'll try if it's glass out LOL


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