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Monster Flatty


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G’day raiders, 

Just thought I’d share with you all a capture of a monster flatty from Port Stephens. 
One of my work mates I fish with and his dad, were out chasing flatties on the weekend and he comes up tight to this……


Measuring in at 105cm and safely released. 
A true fish of a lifetime and a memorable moment to share with your kids no matter what age! 👏👏👏

cheers scratchie!!! 


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21 hours ago, BigHorse said:

Wow, thats a monster

I think i'm in love with that croc😍!!!!

Where in port stephens was it caught? (or is it a secret spot for your mate)

Hahahahaha. In the bay, the front half 🤙

18 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Great fish, your you land based and what bait did you use?


It was caught out of a boat on a lure. They went ashore to take photos and release it 

8 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Absolute stonker scratchie. Well done.

Can’t lay claim to that fish. Not mine! A friend of mine 👍

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