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Botany Bay 30/12


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Hit the bay for the last time this year and caught our first king from Molineaux Point a neat little fish of 63cm. You can tell it's holiday time there must have been a dozen boats at the port botany ramp at 4.30am and some of the angles they get their trailers at' I reckon if tried to do it deliberately you wouldn’t be able to do it :ranting2: . It was brilliant day weather wise on the bay' you couldn’t have asked for better :biggrin2: . At Molineaux Point kings were going off left, right & center I must have seen 20 plus fish boated. Sluggo was out there and caught 8 kings 5 being keepers “good one Joe” :thumbup: ; we only managed the 1 king but lost 4 others on silly bugger gear :wacko: . The yellow tail we had were a bit larger than we liked but any livie better then none and a lot of the yakkas we had were scaled and crushed but not fully taken Oh well :05: . Went for a flatty spin tried the usual haunts but only got the one, I don’t know what’s going on but this season lizards as scarce as hens teeth at least for me anyway :( , in the middle of the bay came across a mixed school of tailor and slimies but could not get a touch the only fish boated was foul hooked they must have been feeding on krill or some thing. All in all it was a lovely day out but a couple of more fish would have been nice. :biggrin2:

our one and only king for the day


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yep, certainly was a great day on the bay today chris!!

after releasing 20 or so rats thus far this season, we finally managed to land our first legal king :biggrin2: ...actually 5 of them, with another 3 going back in the drink :thumbup: the first couple were skull dragged on the heavier gear, but we then downgraded to lighter gear and had a little more fun. kingy cutlets on the bbq for the next couple of weeks :biggrin2:

on a more sour note, the boaties who frequent the port botany ramp have become even more incompetent...if thats possible? :ranting2: i had words with a guy yesterday who had me waiting for 20 mins at the top of the ramp while he backed the trailer down, then started to get all his gear in order...and a similar situation today. waiting 20 mins to get in and another 20 to get out really does get the blood boiling!!

anyways, im off to fire up the bbq and throw a few cutlets on...have a great new year all


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well done guys

we went past the point about 6:30 on our way out through the heads and it already looked like a parking lot.

we trolled north, then south for zip then went out to the 50 mtr mark and bagged a few nice lizards to 60cm and a jacket before the wife got sick and ended our day early.

hey chris, does this mean your handing in your lizard king crown and going after the kingfish crown???

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G/Day Brian

mate I'm having all sorts of problems finding lizards in the bay :( while I like fishing for flatties and they are great to eat they don't come close in my book to kings. No lizard that I’ve caught has ever got the hackles on the back of my neck standing up of left me weak at the knees after a devastating run so I would gladly abdicate my lizard crown :1prop::tease: to be king of the kings. :yahoo::yahoo:

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I fish with a local RSL Club off the close in reefs and sandy bottoms and have also found flathead to be unusually scarce for this time of the year. We are finding that the bags have been very mixed and the good news is that we are continuing to pull in a few plate sized snapper.

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