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Raiders Hit the Hawkesbury (and remembered the bananas)


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After much planning and numerous interruptions (COVID and crook Weather), Big Neil finally made it to Sydney. We started his “Bucket list” of species, ticking off Bass, Jewfish and Estuary Perch in one day.

We boated Flathead , Bream, jewfish, Perch, Bass and 11 eels (3 different species).

We had a great day and are hoping to hit the harbour on Tuesday to get a 90cm + kingie before the heavy weather on Wednesday and Thursday hits.





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6 minutes ago, BigHorse said:

Great work both of you!

What's the go with the bananas?

But you might of proved that idea wrong?🤷‍♂️

Many years ago sailing ships used to go around to tropical places and pick up fruit etc for food and what used to happen is with the heat the bananas would start to rot and would cause a outbreak of bugs and flies on board there was no refrigeration back then and so they banned them and they are considered bad luck to have on board a boat thats one story sure there are plenty more.

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46 minutes ago, GordoRetired said:

How can you take bananas on a fishing trip! ! ! !
If we get to fish together and you get on my boat with bananas they go over the side and I get the hump 🙂

No worries Gordo - the bananas are a joke as many have superstitions about bananas being “bad luck” (no such thing as bad luck). I was making a point to Big Neil, I think he got the message.

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2 minutes ago, Hoods said:

Congratulations Neil. Keep it up. Thanks for the post and hoping your weather gods play ball for you. Hoods

Onya Hoods, My God is the one true God - the one who had 4 of the disciples as his closest mates (Peter, James, John and Andrew). Of course this doesnt mean every fishing trip is going to be a success and “I never know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”.

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