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St Georges Basin and Cudmirrah Beach

Isaac Ct

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After saturday cricket we headed down to Sussex Inlet which is approx 2 hours south of the Sutherland Shire. We stayed in one of the outer suburbs called Cudmirrah, we have had a caravan there for about 10 years now and the fishing is always excellent. 

Saturday Arvo: Low tide and headed of the rocks on search of some trevally and salmon. Managed a PB salmon at 61cm and 5 trev's between 31 and 37cm. Using pilly cubes as bait. Some good squid catches coming of the ricks lately apparently. 

Sunday Morning: As we didn't bring the boat down, my dad and I and 4 other mates hired a pontoon and spent 4 hours out in the basin in search of a feed. We started on the entrance of the Inlet and fished the drop-off and I managed a 33cm bream on a pilly tail, tails never fails in NSW, same goes for cricket tosses when your captain (last season won 16/17 tosses). Moved spots and drifted from the point of Jewfish Bay to the goalposts picking up whiting and snapper. One of our mates hooked up to a really solid flattie that was dropped by the boat. Estimated at 80cm and fat as anything. Cut through the leader with a shake of the head. Half the head went OVER the net and tried to scoop it but went pop. Later found out that the net extended.....

Monday Morning: Headed down to Cudmirrah Beach to a nice gutter with the beach rod. Met a lovely fellow who was fishing with beach worms and fishing around all the seaweed and catching bream. Set up a lobbed a pilly cube out and the results in the next 2 hours were pleasing. 3 salmon, 3 trevally, a blue-spotted flattie and my first ever dart. Great session. The beach fishing has been getting increasingly better as the years have gone on down at Sussex. For any locals who like their Blackfishing, take a walk around cudmirrah beach and the lake next to it that connects to swan lake is chockers full of green weed.

Cheers Isaac.


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11 hours ago, 61 crusher said:

Sounds like you’ve got the area pretty well sussed out good report & info 👍



10 hours ago, Larkin said:

Sounds like you had a great time. Salmon that size fight hard on light gear.


Had a bit of a tussle with the one of the rocks as there's a shallow ledge before you land the so you have to kinda highstic them at the start.


9 hours ago, Restyle said:

Great write up, plenty of fish and a cracker weekend 

Cheers mate


13 minutes ago, Green Hornet said:

Good stuff young fella and great to see you had a successful weekend.

Personally, I do a fair bit of fishing down there myself. Particularly lure casting from Cudmirrah and Berrara Beaches.

Surely is a great part of the world.

Thanks mate, has the basin been firing in specific spots at the moment?

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