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Another PB不61cm, 59cm land base travelly


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I thought 55cm were big, so I went back and had another crack, 61!!!!! And a 59, It took off like a king, 6lb line, I lost about 100m of lines, and I was shiting myself, but I had it under eventually.
Luckily another fisho mates has his landing net, or else I would have lost it,.

started at 12, finished up at 3.15pm

Another day another fish, lucky I didnt have to carry the fish since I have a mate who eats fish

The salmon were caught out of no where, so unexpected.

once again, burley hard, burley strong

happy days





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No obliteration of faces, backgrounds etc in pics please
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48 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Great effort to catch all of those on "light" gear. They would have provided a bucketful of excitement. Very well done.


Yeah it took off like a train, the drag were just set right. Had to slowly drag it back to avoid snapping my line.

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