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Botany Bay 3/1/6


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glorius morning on the water. we took off about 730 and made our way down to drift in front of sans souci. there were heaps of little bream and snapper to be caught, all were way to small but it kept us busy. A fish was caught on every cast which wasn't a bad way to start.

We had two rippers that ran like hell then snapped the line. as we drifted back ( about half way to st george boat club) we had a bit of success. leather jacket, bream and a couple of whiting were keepers.

we threw back a couple of undersize whiting, a baby port jackson shark, flathead,little flounder and a few more little bream.

I wanted to check out some more of the bay, so we ventured out to Moulinex ( however the hell you spell it), for a couple of small bites but no action.

Almost midday by now and the wind was coming up so we called it a day.

Looking forward to gettingf a bit more experience and checking out some other spots in the bay.

thanks heaps to all those who offered help

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