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Tailor Recipes / Rollmops


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What does everyone do with tailor? My two favourites: smoked and rollmops.

Smoked: Clean the tailor, but keep them whole. Cure them in salt brine for a day in the fridge. One can lookup the salt concentration elsewhere - it's key for it to be sufficiently salty, for food safety. After cure, take the fish out, pat them dry and let dry in cool environment for about half a day. Then smoke them at around 70 to 80 degrees for 4 - 6 hours. They get golden and amazing, as any other fatty fish. Works great for particularly smaller, barely legal, ones.

Rollmops: This one is not that popular in Australia, although you can get herring rollmops at Woolies. Rollmops is pickled fish. It's amazing with some fresh sour dough bread and butter. Also - a good hangover cure. I discovered that the soft tailor meat is a perfect replacement for herring which doesn't seem to be commonly caught here. I have been experimenting with recreating this at home. I start with salt-curing tailor fillets cut into small pieces, maybe around 2 cm size. Same cure as for smoking. This makes the meat more solid so it doesn't become mushy in the next step. The next step: After curing for a day, pat the pieces dry and put them in a jar with: vinegar, pickling spice, julienned red onion and some amount of sugar, to taste. The vinegar should be fairly strong, for food safety reasons. I use undiluted white vinegar. Wait for a week or two before consumption. These are awesome, but only if you already like rollmops, which is an acquired taste. I grew up in Europe, and rollmops are everywhere there.


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Hi Frigate Mack we used to eat Tailor for breakfast on the rocks all the time, just a bit of flour on them to stop them sticking badly to the hotplate.

Other favourite way is to cook fillets on the BBQ hotplate AFTER cooking some sausages- they go real well in the sausage fat. Always bleed them for best results eating-wise

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